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June Newsletter

The Democratic Club of Ocean City/Berlin JUNE NEWSLETTER is available now! To read and/or download a  PDF copy of the newsletter, click here June 2013 Newsletter Final.  The newsletter includes a reservation form for the club’s annual SUMMER PICNIC, to be held July 10.


First Meeting of 2013 Is April 17

The Democratic Club of Ocean City/Berlin is planning three membership events for 2013. Please mark your calendar now for Wednesday, April 17, 2013, a luncheon meeting beginning at 11 a.m. The club will also schedule a picnic in Ocean City during the summer, and another meeting in the fall. The agenda for the April meeting will include:

  • Amendments to the Bylaws:  Our business meeting will focus on proposed revisions to our bylaws to update the operations in our ever-changing social media world.   Key changes include reorganizing our management team into a Steering Committee with a more collegial approach to what we do.  The proposed revisions will also allow us to do more of our business by internet.  A copy of the recommended revised bylaws is available upon request.
  • Review of the 2013 Maryland Legislative Session: We have invited Sen. Jim Mathias  to report on the 2013 Maryland legislative session, which will have closed the previous week. (Del. Norm Conway has another commitment)
  • Women in Politics:  We are very happy to offer a unique opportunity for our members to learn how the trends in politics are bringing more women into public office.  Our Club, along with the Democratic Women’s Club and the Democratic Central Committee of Worcester County, is sponsoring one of our most activist members, Judy Davis, to attend a training program directed at assisting women interested in public office.  Judy is attending a six-month training program provided by EMERGE Maryland.

What is EMERGE Maryland?

Emerge Maryland is dedicated to changing the face of Maryland politics by identifying, training and encouraging women to run for office and get elected. The intensive, cohort-based six-month training program is unique. As the number of elected Democratic women remains flat or even declines, the need for their work is growing.

In the 224 years since statehood, Maryland has elected a total of eight women to the U.S. House of Representatives, one woman to the U.S. Senate, and zero women as Governor of Maryland.  Currently, less than 31% of Maryland State legislators are women.

A pool of highly qualified Democratic candidates is going untapped.  Too often, women do not see themselves running for office—they assume they aren’t experienced enough or they don’t know where to begin.  Emerge Maryland is working to change that!

Election Day. Time To Be Serious. It’s About America.

Responsibility and Leadership.  Disaster, stress, urgency. Makes you look older fast. President Barack Obama and Gov. Chris Christie confer aboard the helicopter, Marine One, as it flies over the New Jersey coast. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)


Election 2012 is here, now!


President Barack Obama, Sen. Ben Cardin, and John LaFerla need your support!


Babies for Mitt! (Kidding)

Babies are just naturally scared of some presidential candidates. Fortunately, President Barack Obama inspires awe and happiness. Obama has a way with children! (Reblogged as a public service by the Democratic Club of Ocean City/Assateague.)  P.S. Are you registered to vote? See the registration information on our Home page.)

Obama Campaign 2012 in Worcester County

Howard Sribnick, a member of the OCADC, has been appointed the Worcester County coordinator for the Obama Campaign.

Howard may be contacting you by phone or email to bring you up to date on planning for the 2012 elections.  The Worcester County Democratic Central Committee recommended him to the Obama campaign team for this task. He heads up the Committee for Obama of the Central Committee.

Worcester County’s three Democratic clubs and the Central Committee intend to unite the efforts of the four organizations and the Obama campaign to help get out the Democratic vote in 2012.

So, if you get a call, or someone leaves a message on your answering machine, or you get an email from a guy named Howard, please give him all of the courtesy and assistance you can.